How to become a Freelance Transcriber for CastingWords

We post all of all transcriptions on Amazon's Mechanical Turk (mTurk). We usually have a good variety of jobs posted broken up into 4-10 minute chunks. You accept one of these, transcribe the file, then submit the text to us via mTurk, we receive it and review it and approve it.

How Payment Works

Amazon's Mechanical Turk allows you to transfer money out of your account to a US bank account or you can get credit to use on Workers in India have the option of receiving bank checks denominated in Indian Rupees. Exact payment varies from job to job but is explained inside each job we post.

Expected Work Quality

We need our workers to submit highly accurate and readable transcripts to us. While we don't want you to include things like "uh", "um", and false starts, our customers depend upon us for accurate transcripts, so we are unable to accept sloppily or rough work that isn't accurate enough for an editor to bring it to an acceptable level. Details on how to format transcripts is available in each of the posted jobs.

Getting Started on mTurk

  1. Sign up at mTurk.

  2. Request the PPT (Transcriber) Qualification. All you have to do is check a box and we give you a score high enough to start doing work with.
  3. Now you are good to go. Here's a search for all of our transcription HITs, find one that looks interesting, accept it (make sure you hit the Accept Button), and get to work!

Things to Note