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Sample Transcript (transcriber edition)

Jerry Coleman: This is the beginning of the transcription, so I am labeled with my full name.

John Gale: All right, but after the first time you will be labeled with only your first name, right?

Jerry: Correct. As you can see, I am labeled with just my first name now and will be labeled the same throughout the transcript.

Man 1: Hi, I'm a new speaker. No one ever mentions my name, so the transcriber should simply give me a descriptive name. Here, the only information that can be gathered on me is that I'm male. So in this case I'm Man 1, but if there were two unidentified men, I'd be Man 2.

John: [sarcastically] Awesome.


John: Oh, hey, wait, come back! Oh, for crying...Did you see that?

Jerry: Mm-hmm.

John: Where’s he going, is he...


Jerry: ...No use. I think you offended him. Maybe by a lot.

[background music]

Announcer: You're listening to "The Interview Example"! Enjoy.

John: Hey, are you cutting us off?


John: Come on, it’s none of your business, studio audience.

Audience Member: [foreign words]

John: Whoa. I think we’re not speaking the same language. This gets weirder all [xx]...

Interviewer: Welcome to "The Interview Example." Today I'll be interviewing an important man about [?] something vague, to help you understand further how to work with dialog.

Professor Dave: I'm glad to be able to help.

Jerry: I feel like Alice, except I never saw the looking glass. Where’s the bottle that says, "Drink Me"?

Interviewer: Let’s just ignore those guys. It’s our turn in the studio.

Professor Dave: OK.

Interviewer: All right. Would you like to tell me about your journey to discovering the square root of -2?

Professor Dave: [laughs] I’m sorry, what?

Interviewer: Oops. [laughs] Oh, wait, these aren’t the questions I had prepared for you.

Professor Dave: I hope not. All I remember from college math is my professor stating that "The area of a trapezoid is A = (B + b)h/2," or something like that. Never could figure out why he had to have both B and b, but there’s a reason I’m a humanities professor!

Interviewer: Well then, you’ve got me beat, Professor Dave.

Professor Dave: Oh, I think that equation might be the only thing I remember. That and maybe the particular way that the light used to hit Jenny [sp] Ames’ long, blonde hair. Do you have memories like that from high school?

Sure hope I’m not going all TMI on you. But in lieu of...

[glass breaking]

Professor Dave: Yikes, I think we’ve got trouble. Is that a Molotov cocktail?

Interviewer: Uh-huh. Run!...

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