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Mechanical Turk Qualification, Workshop Badge, and Grading Questions

  • What is the Unique Id Qualification?

    This qualification gives you an id unique to you. You can use this qual to accept certain HITs, and also, you can request your MTurk Worker Id using your Unique Id Qualification Score.

  • Why is the Mechanical Turk Qual test not a test?

    We are using an older school version of quals than many on Turk do, as we're the oldest requester (other than Amazon). This version required a test, even if you didn't want to give one, so we ask if you want to work for us, and tell you that confidentiality is required - then grant you a score.

  • How do Mechanical Turk Qual scores work?

    We start everyone's PPT qualification at 80, and we usually have work at that level. As you work on our HITs, your score will increase, usually in line with assignment grades. It tends to rise quickly at the beginning, and slow down as you approach 100. At 90 you can work on our "Express" transcripts, while 99 is the minimum score required to work on Expedited Transcriptions. This is the general course that all our our quals take - not just the PPT.

  • How do Workshop Badges work?

    Everyone starts out as a beginner in transcription, grading and editing. As you work on jobs you'll get new badges, that will allow you to access more and more work, at higher pay rates.

  • How do Grades work? (Transcription and Edits)

    Grades are composed of 3 parts - your graders, your track record, and our automated quality checks. And beyond that anyone at CastingWords can override the final grade during a certain time window. Given that the time window is short for most assignments that are done by good workers, or due soon to customers that happens only for a minority of hits.

    Our automated checks are mainly used for rejecting bad work quickly. However we do have metrics influence grades of accepted work. Most of our checks are indicators of poor quality, however we do have a few items that correlate with high quality and can increase your grade.

    Your track record is also part of the grade - the longer you've done work for us the less likely it is that you'll get a poor grade. But this component has a highly stabilizing effect - if all you turn in is 7s for months - getting 9s is going to be harder. (8s should be easy enough.)

    The grades the graders assign are the most important part of you grade. However these grades do not say it all in the numbers. Your graders are not all trusted the same so some graders grades matter more than others, and additionally certain types of grades - the kinds with long written descriptions matter more. Finally certain checkboxes that your graders assign can change the overall grade away from their number assigned number grade.

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